Experience & Expertise

Our philosophy is simple: provide efficient and pragmatic advice at a cost that is reasonable and proportionate to the issue at hand.

The firm’s founder, Marie Breaux, has practiced law for over 30 years and has focused exclusively on intellectual property matters for more than two decades. She has taught copyright and trademark law as an adjunct law professor and regularly writes articles and makes presentations for both legal and industry groups. She understands the law, but also makes sure to understand each client’s needs, business, and industry.  With the perspective and practicality that only a seasoned professional can offer, her firm provides cost-effective services that fit the specific needs of each client.

M Breaux IP Law is dedicated to the success of its clients. We will work tirelessly to protect and enhance the value of our clients’ brands, creations and ideas. Intellectual property protection should not be out of reach for anyone. For that reason, we offer a variety of flat-fee and alternative fee arrangements and will work up a budget to manage costs and expenses.

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