Areas of Practice

M Breaux IP Law helps clients protect their brands, creations, trade secrets, and technology.

Principal lawyer, Marie Breaux, has over 30 years’ experience practicing in New Orleans on behalf of individuals, non-profits, and businesses big and small. From “Fortune 100” companies to start-up entrepreneurs. Artists to technology geeks.

This firm combines substantive knowledge with practical experience to safeguard our clients’ interests in

  • trademark clearances and registrations
  • litigation before the Trademark Trial & Appeal Board and federal courts
  • copyright clearances and registrations
  • drafting and negotiating contracts and licenses
  • counsel and advice on fair use, public domain, software, and internet-based businesses and services.

“Intellectual Property” refers to creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, other works of original authorship such as software and architecture, plus the names, symbols, words, images, and designs used in branding. MBIPL offers the following services to assist individuals and businesses in acquiring, protecting, and enforcing their intellectual property rights and assets.

MBIPL receives many referrals from other attorneys or firms who do not have IP expertise. Because the firm’s practice is limited to a specialized field of law, these referral clients get the benefit of our experience, while we get the benefit of their lawyer’s knowledge of the client’s business and goals. If you are seeking counsel or guidance in any of these areas, please contact us here or (504) 975-1462.